Saturday, May 2, 2009


The following is a random group of facts about gold and what I think will be useful gold information.

Other Names for Gold: Oro, Tesoro
Periodic Table information:
Atomic Number=79
Atomic Weight=196.96
Melting Point=1337.33 degrees Kelvin
Melting point= 2,063 degrees Fahrenheit
Specific gravity is 19.32
Tensile strength=19,000psi
Hardness=2.75 on Mohs scale
Is one of the "Transition Metals"
Gold is measured in many ways but for some reason this precious metal is weighed in a system of measurements called "Troy Measurements". Troy measurements are such that one pound (lb) is divided up into 12 Troy Ounces and each Troy Ounce is divided up into 20 units called Pennyweight (dwt). Therefore, you must be careful when talking to someone about a quantity of gold. Make sure that the ounces you are talking about are the same ounces you are thinking about. Here are a few conversions to help you convert to other systems of measurement of mass.

One Troy lb (pound)=12 troy ounces
One troy oz=20 pennyweight (dwt)
One troy oz=480 grains
One troy oz=33.3 grams
One pennyweight = 24 grains

Formula to convert grams to pennyweight
____grams X .6006006 = dwt

Formula to convert grams to Troy Ounces
_____grams X .03003 = troy ounces

Other conversions that might help

one mg (milligram) = 1/1000 g
one g (gram) = 1000 mg, 14.4 gr (grains)
one k (kilogram0 = 1000 g, 35 oz, 2.2 lbs.
one gr (grain0 = .65 g (grams)
one oz (ounce) = 38.35 g
one lb (pound) = 16 oz, 454 g, .45 k


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