Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Everyone wants to know about gold but some special person is want to know about gold but as well as silver. Here we discussed and comparison between gold and silver which are as follows:

Silver and gold are the most famous metals, especially between women. They are the masters of every lady's jewellery. But, have you ever asked yourself why these two metals are that much important and more expensive than many other types of metals? What are the main features of each one? Is gold or silver has the properties that you are looking for in a metal? The purpose of this essay is to compare and contrast two types of metals (Silver and Gold) in order to clarify their properties for students and those who work in related jobs, or even to add something useful to your knowledge. The features that will be compared include type of metal, symbol, atomic number, atomic weight, conductivity and uses.

There are many shared features between silver and gold that make them similar in many ways. First, both of them are of the same type of metal. Silver is a precious metal, and gold is too. Second, silver and gold were discovered in the same period of history. That was in pre-historical time. Then, another similarity between gold and silver is their atomic radius. Silver has the same atomic radius as gold. It is 1.34. Furthermore, they are also similar in their melting point. Both silver and gold melts at the point around 1000 C. Next, the conductivity properties of silver are the same as those of gold. Silver's electrical and thermal conductivity are as good as gold's. Finally, the use is the last similarity between the two types of metals. Silvers and gold are used to make jewelry in plating, due to their flexibility.

If we contrast silver with gold we can notice some differnces. The symbol of each metal is the first difference between silver and gold. While the symbol of silver is Ag, the symbol of gold is Au. Secondly, the atomic number of each metal is different. Silver has an atomic number of 47. In contrast, gold has an atomic number of 79. Moreover, the atomic weight of silver is not the same as gold's. While the atomic weight of silver is 107.87 gm, gold weighs 169.97gm.When it comes to the specific gravity, silver and gold are different. Silver has a specific gravity of 10.5. However, gold has a specific gravity of 19.3. At last, they differ in their boiling point. Silver boils at the point 2212 C. Unlike silver, gold boils at the point 2966 C.

In this essay we compared two types of metals: Silver and Gold. We compared some of their features such as discovery, atomic radius, specific gravity, melting and boiling points. The comparison shows that both metals have a good ability to conduct electricity and thermal. Also, they could be plated in order to make and design jewelry. Although silver and gold are very similar, they show some differences that make each one special with its features. What I advice you to do is to list the similarities and differences between the two types of metals in your mind, and pick up the metal that matches with what you need or what you are looking for.


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