Friday, July 10, 2009


Everybody knows that gold is a type of forex. It also called hard forex/hard cash. We can earn lots of money by selling old gold, new gold, gold jewellery making and etc.

An increasingly popular way to raise extra cash for people by is selling their old gold and unwanted jewellery.

The boom in the sale of scrap gold has spread across the Atlantic from the USA to the United Kingdom. Advertisements for the sale of scrap gold and jewellery regularly appear on the TV screens as well as in the rest of the media. On the high street there are shops who now offer a service buying the items from members of the public.

People are increasingly selling their scrap gold and jewellery for two main reasons. The economic downturn has left people strapped for cash and they cannot afford to allow their gold and jewellery to just remain in boxes.

Secondly, the price of gold seems to be rising all the time so the demand from buyers is high which of course means the sellers, ie the public, will get a much higher price than normal for their gold.

Unfortunately, because the market is so vibrant at the moment, there are a lot of companies jumping on the gold buying bandwagon and some sellers have been less than pleased with the payment they have received.

It has to be said that most of the complaints about receiving low payments have happened in the United States but if you are planning on selling your scrap gold and old jewellery in the UK than there are some sensible safeguards you can put in place.

One safeguard is to deal only with reputable companies who are already established. This is especially important if you are dealing with these companies by post. Dealing with a gold buying company by any means other than by face to face is fraught with danger, but such an organisation dealing by post should have a gold calculator on their website. This will allow you to calculate how much money you will receive for your scrap gold and many reputable companies will offer a price that is guaranteed.

It is best to compare the various scrap gold buying shops and companies. This is best done on the internet rather than via the local press ads. Also, you are more likely to gain the best prices from nationally known companies.

Just put the terms "gold buying shops" or "gold buying centers" into your search engine and that will give you the names of the best people to do business with. Always check to see if they a have gold price calculator on their website and do not forget to check their terms and conditions of service.

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be positive said...

Gold is forever.

shawn said...

gold never go out of value.

dyanna said...

I like it

Mahmood said...

Though platinum is a costlier jewellery metal gold holds the sway. Your blog is very nice. Wish you all the best. God is Great.

Mahmood said...

God is Great. Best wishes.


24K all the way!
Great info!!

skinny jeans said...

your thought is correct..

but each have different concerns..

Escapist said...

Yap it z !
Bt it's geting too costly...just yesterday i bought some gold rings with diamond in it...


~PakKaramu~ said...

Pak Karamu reading your blog

sim only plans said...

gold is wealth..


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