Tuesday, April 28, 2009


In modern times, you can easily get chic and classy gold ornaments from any good jewellery shop. Gold necklace emerged in the same way like as diamond, pearl or silver necklace. Gold is expensive because of its peculiar feature namely it won't be dull, rust or oxidize and comes easily in the eye of beholder. Initially, it is also processed after taking away from gold mine. Gold also contains some scientific elements which make it strong to fight against corrosion. After the completion of process, it is then purified as per the jeweller wishes. The purity of gold is checked according to how much karat it contains. The specification of gold necklace is done on the number of karat. And as the number of karat increases it becomes more pure to be called as Pure Gold. If the people are unware of the number of karats that a gold necklace should contain to get the pure gold, it can be scrutinize as follows:

  • Bulleted List24KARAT = 100% GOLD
  • 22KARAT = 91.7%GOLD
  • 18KARAT = 75%GOLD
  • 14KARAT = 58.3%GOLD
  • 12KARAT = 50%GOLD
  • 10KARAT = 41.7%GOLD
Thus, gold necklace it's always going to exist, through high demand of diamond or pearl necklace may rise. Gold necklace has its own significance and so it is really valuable too.

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